Natural Guava LVS TEA

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Natural Guava LVS TEA  


Guava Paper Most people are aware of the importance of guava fruit for health, but they do not know what the benefits of guava leaves are of great health benefits because of its richness in many medical properties. It can be used as an effective and natural remedy for certain pains and diseases. It is rich in many compounds such as flavonoids, Guava leaves are one of the compounds of anti-bacteria and oxidation as well as inflammation.

 Benefits of guava paper:

-       Weight loss, by preventing the absorption of complex carbohydrates, and later converted into sugars.

-       Limit the activity of the alpha enzyme in the body, it prevents the absorption of maltose and sucrose in the body, and protects the occurrence and development of complications of diabetes, so they are very useful for diabetics

-       Drink drenched guava leaves for three months continuously, helps to reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, and it is worth noting that it does not have any effect on the positive cholesterol in the blood, and is an effective and strong tonic of the liver.

-       Treat diarrhea and dysentery, take guava leaves as a treatment, by boiling thirty grams of paper with two cups of water, and a handful of rice flour, and drink this treatment twice a day.

-       It has many benefits on the digestive system, including stimulating the production of enzyme digestion, as well as killing bacteria in the lining of the digestive tract, and limit and stop the activity of bacteria producing toxic enzymes, and is very useful in the treatment of cases of food poisoning, Effective treatment for vomiting, nausea, and soothe stomach pains.

Works to open the lungs and it is an effective treatment for bronchitis, it also calms cough, and relieve mucus. Gurgling with its mouth reduces dental pain, treats mouth infections, especially gums, and accelerates the healing of sores.


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