Ace - 60g


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Natural herbs  ( Ace - 60g )

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Natural herb      ( healthy / natural food )

Product Des :

Ace, or sometimes called humpel, is also called grouper, and marsin, is a type of plant, follows the Asian family, which is an evergreen tree, and its leaves are white, pink or white, and smells fragrant. , Eaten soft and juicy, and sometimes dried to be used as a seasoning. It is known in Syria as Aas, in the Maghreb and Lebanon, known as Al-Rayhan, in Spain in the name of Ariane, in Turkey in the name of Mersin, in the Gulf States in the name of Al-Hudas, basil. The active parts of the ace are fruits, leaves, seeds and flowers. They contain many volatile oils, including selenol oil, lemonyn, mirentinol, fapapetin, geraniol, acetate, etc. The leaves contain gallotene which is fluent, concentrated liquid, Plants that have not been damaged.

Main Benefits:

• Use his or her flying fumes in massage

• Cut off bleeding and reduce blood loss during menstruation.

• Purifies respiratory tract, improves respiratory process, and benefits bronchitis.

• Opens appetite to eat. J

• Used as a handle and a toner for the body.

• Treats back pain, especially lower back pain.

• Addresses headache, migraines and "migraines".

• Heals cough.

• Treats uterine infections.

• Helps to germinate hair, strengthen roots, prevent fallout, increase height.

• Removes hot and painful tumors in the body.

• Accelerates osteoporosis.

• Eliminates skin irritation, relieves redness.

• Removes the skin from dandruff, freckles and skin pigmentation.

• Treat wounds and ulcers, and prevent inflammation.

• Treat rheumatoid joint pain and help relax joints.

• Treats ophthalmic ophthalmology and relieves its irritation.

• Eliminates bacteria and microbes, and treats influenza. Protects against colds, colds and colds.

• expels intestinal gases, and treats diarrhea.

• Helps to sleep deeply, and prevents insomnia.

• Preventing hemorrhoids.

• Crushed stones in the kidney, bladder and urinary tract.

• Purifies blood from waste and toxins. Strengthens liver, treats colic,

• Strengthens the stomach. Cleans the nose from bacteria and microbes.

• Strengthens the heart muscle and prevents the feeling of palpitations.

. Relieves dental pain, treats gum infections, and mouth ulcers.

• Treats inflammation of the glands.

• Treatment of epilepsy.